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CSR-Management und Nachhaltigkeits-Reporting nach internationalen Standards

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CSR-Management und Nachhaltigkeits-Reporting nach internationalen Standards

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CSR-Management und Nachhaltigkeits-Reporting nach internationalen Standards

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Umweltdaten-Tool becomes ESG Cockpit! Control your business towards sustainability now!

We support you. As always. And getting better: Umweltdaten-Tool becomes ESG cockpit.

E&S: All existing environmental and social data functions are retained. G: New governance features are added.

Umweltdaten-Tool users benefit from the changeover as well as from all new features. Automatically and without extra effort.



Find out more about the exciting control tool and discover all the possibilities that ESG-Cockpit offers you:

ESG Cockpit core functions from Umweltdaten-Tool:

Report on the sustainability of your company with regard to the Sustainable Development Goals

Generate meaningful data for your CSR management at the touch of a button

Simultaneously record and report all data for a wide variety of reporting standards (who likes to collect things twice?): EMAS, ISO 14001, GRI, NFI Directive, NaDiVeG, CDP, GHG.

Integrate the waste management concept right away

And evaluate greenhouse gas emissions (for the different scopes), resource consumption, energy efficiency or the ecological footprint of your activities!

Soon the tool will also provide functionality for the rules of the Economy for the Common Good.

Or you simply create your own key figures!

Is the tool also suitable for the needs of an SME?

Yes, we are proud that this tool is suitable for small, medium and large companies,  as well as for NGOs, associations, non-profit organizations or public administration.

Is this tool only a web-based service?

No, the tool can also be installed in-house.

Do you have individual wishes?

We welcome the ideas of users and can integrate interfaces, report formats, special fabrics, etc.