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CSR-Management und Nachhaltigkeits-Reporting nach internationalen Standards

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CSR-Management und Nachhaltigkeits-Reporting nach internationalen Standards

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CSR-Management und Nachhaltigkeits-Reporting nach internationalen Standards

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You would like to report on the sustainability of your company in the sense of the Sustainable Development Goals?

To communicate the environmental standards of your business to the outside world, you can calculate different indicators (for example, CO2 rucksack or ecological footprint) or follow standard guidelines – e.g. on the European Environmental Management System EMAS , the Global Reporting Initiative GRI , the international environmental standard ISO 14001 or the European NFI Policy / NaDiVeG (Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act) or the international goals of the SDGs.

You want meaningful data at the touch of a button?

The Umweltdaten-Tool is a digital solution that meets different requirements ( EMAS , ISO 14001 , Waste Management Concept NFI Policy ). You can easily and quickly calculate the environmental key figures that are relevant to you, generate reports and write certification applications.

Is the tool suitable for the needs of an SME?

The Umweltdaten-Tool is geared to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs in short, and provides you with the necessary data to meet the different requirements and standards.
The application is simple, straightforward and saves you a lot of time:
The raw data for your business (for example, paper consumption, energy data) is sufficient for input. You only need to capture (or import) them correctly and completely. The tool calculates the environmental data or environmental indicators (eg greenhouse gas emissions) required for the respective specification or standard on the basis of environmental science relationships (emission factors). All factors and the associated calculation methods have been checked by the Austrian Federal Environmental Agency (Umweltbundesamt) and already stored in the tool.

More about the “Umweltdaten-Tool”

Are there individual solutions?

The Umweltdaten-Tool can be configured specifically for your needs, especially if you do not need all the features. The indicator catalog and the data catalog can be designed individually. Data that is not relevant to your business can be removed, others added. Interactions are nevertheless taken into account so that you receive a data image that meets the specifications and standards at the end.

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