You can use the web-based environmental data tool “do-it-yourself” on your own – just buy a license and go.
This automatically includes all the function updates that we are constantly importing.

On request, it is also possible to install the tool on a own server in a organization / internal company networks. This variant is more time-consuming in the initial installation and in the handling of updates, but all data is stored on your own server.

We also like to help you get to the heart of things and to sharp your core messages and to substantiate them with numbers. Together, we will guide you step by step in changing processes, improving environmental and communicating performance to match your business strategy.

Overview of our services:

  • Development, update and hosting of the Umweltdaten-Tool,
  • Development of individual interfaces for special imports,
  • Introductory consultation + software training,
  • Development of individual report formats,
  • The Umweltbundesamt supports the interpretation of the data and their transfer into sustainability strategies and communication

We are happy to address your special requests!

The software is updated about once or twice a year (release plan). This includes the update of the emission factors database (the factors and calculations change with the state of the art and to due other aspects) and the implementation of the most recent version of the standards and guides used or any other new functions regarding input or evaluation (the experiences and feature requests of our customers will be also included).

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