As the largest expert institution for the environment in Austria and one of the leading environmental consultants in Europe, we stand for the transformation of the economy and society to secure sustainable living conditions.

With more than 500 experts from 55 disciplines, we develop interdisciplinary decision-making bases at local, regional, European and international level.

We work transparently and non-partisanly and are in dialogue with politics, administration, business, science and civil society.

Further information:

The Umweltdaten-Tool allows to analyze the energy and resource usage of business processes for their environmental impact and is suitable for environmental management according to ISO14001, EMAS and for the development of waste management concepts.

In addition to the collection of environmental indicators and the management of environmental data, it is also possible to look at products lifecycles. Greenhouse gas emissions and the requirements for CO2-neutral products and services can also be calculated. In addition, the Umweltdaten-Tool supports the preparation of an environmental statement or an environmental report according to NFI guidelines.

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