The environmental data tool is perfect for

  • sustainability reporting according to GRI
  • environmental management according to ISO 14001,
  • environmental management and environmental audits according to EMAS Eco Management and Audit Scheme
  • the creation of waste management concepts (important for companies with 21 or more employees who do not already apply for EMAS)
  • the reporting according to the NFI guideline or the NaDiVeg law


The Umweltdaten-Tool is a standardized web-based software solution for monitoring, evaluating and communicating corporate sustainability. Business processes and the associated use of energy and resources at all sites, in all areas and departments, including upstream chains, can be examined for their environmental impact.

The data can be analyzed separately or comparatively over different reporting periods – tabular and graphical – all also exportable.

All locations at a glance

The tool essentially consists of the following functional areas:

  • Business / process configuration
  • Data input / Import
  • Data analysis / calculation / interpretation / data export

Company / process configuration: The administrator can define individual monitoring periods, add users with different authorizations and map locations / areas / production processes / departments in the form of an organizational chart, to process them both separately and comparatively or in sync and to be able to evaluate. The possibility to create this organigram yourself offers maximum flexibility with regard to the depiction of individual processes.

Furthermore, the indicator catalog and the data catalog (switching off substances, indicators that are not relevant in the company) can be configured – whereby interactions are automatically taken into account by the tool: If an indicator is deactivated, all input materials that would be required for it are automatically deactivated multiple dependencies are taken into account).
An individually designed help area supports all persons involved in sustainability monitoring and contributes to a synchronized procedure.
The company / organization logo can be imported into the interface.

Data entry / import: For all monitoring periods and locations, data can be recorded in the tool or imported via user-configurable interfaces. Entries can be comprehensibly documented with annotations (and document uploads) – in terms of transparency, traceability, completeness and auditability. Ancillary computers help with the conversion of values, overviews visualize the data status including degree of completion and data quality, plausibility checks refer to possible discrepancies of data entry. Additional information is provided in many places via information icons as support in the use of tools or in the sense of competence building.

Level of completion and data quality concerning all locations

Data analysis / calculation / interpretation / data export: On the one hand, the tool automatically provides a quick overview, on the other hand there are also in-depth possibilities for the individualized evaluation of the data. The range of deliverable results includes all inputs, various aggregates and a wide range of calculated indicators (depending on configuration or for EMAS, ISO 14001, AWK, NFI). Diagrams and tables can be exported in different formats.

Special functions in the evaluation:

  • The Difference option allows flexible representation of absolute or relative differences between different sizes.
  • Hotspots show the shares of individual sites / periods in the total.
  • In addition, the values can also be displayed relative to specific reference quantities (MA, net sales, m²).

The hotspot evaluation provides an overview of key environmental indicators for the entire organization.


In the download area you will find our product brochures with further details.