Which awards can you get if you use the environmental data tool?

We have put together a small selection here:

Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award – ASRA

Announced by: Kammer der Wirtschaftstreuhänder + cooperation partners (inter alia respACT)

This award for the best sustainability reports of Austrian companies is awarded annually.

These are the price categories:

  • Integrated business and sustainability report
  • Sustainability report of large companies
  • Sustainability Report SME
  • Sustainability Report Public / Semi-public
  • GRI first report


Eligible: Austrian companies

Deadline: last 15.09.2017; the next appointment will be announced

Awareness: The price is well known in Austria

What the price "brings": visibility, networking, a statue

Formalities: The completed application form and the printed Sustainability Report in 20 copies must be sent by post to the Chamber of Public Accountants.

Further information: https://www.respact.at/site/themen/nachhaltigkeitsberichters/texte/article/4114.html


Announced by: BMNT

Since 1995, the prize has been awarded to companies and organizations that conduct exemplary environmental management. Environmental management is rated according to degree of innovation. Environmental managers are also honored themselves. There is also an award for "20 years of EMAS".

Eligible: all organizations registered in Austria EMAS

Submission deadline: will be announced first

Awareness: The price is well known in Austria

What the price "brings": visibility, networking

Formalities: The completed registration form and 5 copies of the Environmental Statement must be submitted by post to the BMNT.

Further information: https://www.bmnt.gv.at/umwelt/betriebl_umweltschutz_uvp/emas/EMAS-Preis/emas-preis-betriebe.html

EMAS Award

Written by: EU Commission

This award for outstanding environmental management and outstanding environmental performance has been awarded every two years since 2005.

Price categories

  • SMBs
  • Cis
  • Public organizations
  • Eligible: EMAS-registered European organizations of the above categories


Deadline: expected in 2019, the next date will be announced

Awareness: The price is well-known throughout the EU.

What the price "brings": visibility, networking

Formalities: The application form must be sent to a national contact point, which then presorted. In Austria, the Federal Environment Agency is responsible.
Address: Spittelauer Lände 5, A-1090 Vienna

Contact persons:

Monika Brom, + 43/1 / 31304-5535, monika.brom@umweltbundesamt.at

Anneliese Ritter, + 43/1 / 31304-3464, anneliese.ritter@umweltbundesamt.at

Further information: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/emas/emas_for_you/emas_awards/about_the_awards_en.htm

CR Reporting Award (CRRA)

Announced by: Corporate Register

The CorporateRegister.com website is a database that includes sustainability reports from around the world.

The CR Reporting Award (CRRA) recognizes outstanding sustainability reporting. The first awards were given in 2007. The awards take place around the year. Corporate Register awards the award, with the users registered there (currently around 51,000 companies from all over the world, as of Q1 2018) voting.

There are 8 price categories:

  • Best Report
  • Best Integrated Report
  • Best Carbon Disclosure
  • Creativity in Communications
  • Innovation in reporting
  • Relevance & Materiality
  • Openness & Honesty
  • Credibility through Assurance


Eligible: all companies / organizations worldwide who have written relevant environmental reports within the specified period and are registered on CorporateRegister.com (free)

Deadline: last September 2017 (Voting by February 2018)

Awareness: The price is known worldwide.

What the price "brings": visibility, networking

Formalities (using the example of the 2018 Award): First, a relevant report is required, published between September 2016 and August 2017. Corporate Register will then have online contact details, the title of the report, a web link and a description of the "Key Report Highlights" send and the desired categories must be announced. An additional fee is to be paid: standard charge of £ 350 per first chosen category, £ 250 for additional submissions. SMEs and individuals only pay £ 150 per submission, no matter how many categories they submit. Corporate Register Full members pay nothing, affiliate members pay half of the above prices.

Further information: http://www.corporateregister.com/crra/help/crraabout.html

Umweltpreis der Stadt Wien

Announced by: City of Vienna, MA 22 (as part of the EcoBusinessPlan Vienna)

The MA 22 has been awarding particularly environmentally conscious companies since 2005, which are committed to innovative ideas and projects in the field of energy, waste and resource conservation.

Also recognized are environmental awareness-raising measures or social aspects of sustainable business management (supply chain ...)

Eligible to participate: All companies in Vienna that have already planned or implemented environmental measures as part of the EcoBusinessPlan Vienna can submit their applications. Also eligible are companies that have not yet used the program, but have implemented or planned environmental projects and want to realize them.
(As part of the EcoBusinessPlan, you can also introduce environmental management according to EMAS, which may well be combined with the use of the UdT.)

Deadline: last 19.01.2018

Awareness: The price is very well known in Vienna.

What the prize "brings": visibility, networking, trophy, certificate

Formalities: Submission form and the project description

Further information: https://www.wien.gv.at/umweltschutz/oekobusiness/preis.html


Announced by: Caritas, WCC, Environmental Federation, GLOBAL 2000, Diakonie Austria, Federation of Austrian Industry, WKÖ, Business Data Consulting Group, respACT

The TRIGOS is Austria's award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The holistic commitment of companies in the social and ecological field is assessed.

Gladly it is when companies not only set individual measures, but integrate social responsibility strategically in all areas of their actions, make part of their corporate philosophy.

The competition at federal level takes place annually since 2004. Since 2005, the prize has also been advertised in the federal states. Regionally, TRIGOS has already been awarded in Carinthia, Tyrol, Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Styria.

2018 there are five categories:

  • Exemplary projects
  • Staff initiatives
  • International commitment
  • Regional value creation
  • Social Innovation & Future Challenges


Eligible for participation: all companies that are self-employed in the commercial sector and have a membership of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Deadline: March 16, 2018

Awareness: The competition is well known in Austria.

What the prize "brings": Visibility, networking (Why the submission is worth - from the point of view of the carriers and excellent companies: http://www.trigos.at/trigos/uebertrigos/motivationzumeinreichen/article/5959.html)

Formalities: Submission is possible online using the form

Further information: http://www.trigos.at/